Architecture & Développement

A&D is an NGO. It was started in 1997 in Paris, France to support the initiatives of professional associations or organizations, working in the field of development, to promote their participative and responsible efforts. In early 2000 A&D sent members of its team to develop contacts in India.  

Architecture & Développement India was setup in January 2002. It is a branch office of Architecture & Développement, Paris. It is located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

It was observed that the architectural expertise that exists in India reaches mostly the urban centers and that too to the small percentage of the well to do.  It was also observed that in spite of a high academic level on appropriate technology, habitat programs for the economically marginalized groups do not benefit from the latest progress in research and development and that they are rarely followed up by an efficient dissemination policy.  The application of this research thus unfortunately remains restricted and poorly disseminated among the numerous active local actors (mainly NGOs).

It is with this background of understanding that A&D seeks to intervene by supporting the initiatives of professionals, associations or organizations to promote their participative and responsible efforts.

A&D India develops 2 main programs, namely

MIPAA - Multimedia Interactive Platform for Appropriate Architecture

The activities under this include creation of a web site, survey of materials and expertise in India, constitution of a network of concerned partners, analysis of didactic material collected in India, workshops and seminars in India, proposal for an IT&C strategy, realization of a prototype and organizing Indian partners study trip in Europe

For more information about MIPAA visit our site:

IEP - International Exchange program for Architecture and Urban Practices

The IEP seeks to strengthen and widen the skills of the students and young professionals by linking the university classroom to the professional practice through the sharing of experiences between different cultures.  This helps reinforce the local skills and competencies and stimulates South-South and North-South interactions in three geographical areas, France, Africa & India.