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In 1986, after their formation, COSTFORD undertook a socio-economic survey in 3 different panchayats in Kerala and realized that there was a need for cost-effective housing. Hence, in 1987, they took up the housing scheme that was launched by the then district collector, which was a full subsidy scheme for the construction of core houses within a budget of 9200 rupees per house for beneficiaries who were below the poverty line. This scheme was completed entirely using the alternative technologies promoted by Laurie baker and paved the way for COSTFORD for acquiring further such projects.

Since then, COSTFORD has come a long way with numerous buildings of all types including institutional buildings, housing schemes, private residences etc. to their credit.

5 years ago, in 1996, the state government launched the decentralized planning scheme under the name of the People's Planning Campaign. COSTFORD was selected to implement the total housing scheme in the district of Thrissur, along with the Nirmiti Kendra and in Trivandrum along with Habitat Technology group and the Nirmiti Kendra. Till date COSTFORD has been able to construct 15,000 building through this project. Some of the project areas include the tribal hills of Attapady where they are in charge of 5 hamlets, the Thankasheri fishing village with 158 houses, all constructed with different plans and the rehabilitation of Chengal Chulah slums, the biggest slum in Trivandrum.

COSTFORD has been one of the most important organizations that has popularized the alternative building movement in Kerala that began with the efforts of Mr. Laurie Baker, not only through their structures but also through the numerous architects, engineers, supervisors, masons and common people that they have trained, influenced and sensitized and who in turn have gone and spread the movement far and wide.

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