A Rubbish Story


Groupe de travail : Rifat Erdogan ,

26’18 (with English sub-titles)
Production :
Architecture & Development
Elephant Corridor
Director : Nina Subramani

What does a jasmine farmer have in common whith a recycler ? They both convert garbage into profit. Kuppai Kathai takes you into a world where people throw away they garbage whitout a second thoughr - on the streets, besides a temple, in their drains. This is our world. And garbage has turned into a huge problem. Kuppai Kathai takes a close look at the things that are thrown away but need not be.

The film introduces the viewer to people who take concept of segretating garbage very seriously...they are true heroes of our times. Whithout flinching or blocking their noses, they ’handle’ our litter and turn it into something that can’t be sneered at. By the end of the film, we hope that you, the viewer will think twice before throw anything away.

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