Nepal : Habitat Resource Centre en MPC / CSW

2019 Naga Daha नेपाल

Groupe de travail : Ludovic Jonard (LinkedIn), Lina Guarin (LinkedIn), Jerome Skinazi (LinkedIn),

Technologie Appropriée Développement Rural Reconstruction Post-Crise Recherche & Développement

Two years after the earthquake in 2015 in Nepal, the reconstruction process was still on process. Supporting an Intregrated Reconstruction programme was the aim of A&D and his partner Jagaran, through the provision of tools and methods to build back better and safer for homelesss households. the Habitat Resource Centre (HRC) is one feature to disseminates improved contruction practices.


The project scope is to adopt a territorial and community approach for the reconstruction of the isolated rural areas, with a dynamic reinforcement of participatory planning and management capacities, integrating a support methodology for the civil society within the evolving system announced by the local governance in Nepal.

Architecture&Développement takes part in this process and builds a 6,05m by 2,75m (17 sq.m of usable ground space) Habitat Resource Center, inspired by traditional nepalese rural habitat. The confined stone walls rises 1,2m above the ground. The upper wall is built with a lighter wooden structure. The mud plaster, while providing a protection for the wire mesh, regulates the thermal confort inside the building.

The Habitat Resource Center (HRC) will be used, as first, by a person specialized in habitat and construction to help the community by giving advices and showing them how to build better. After it will be handed over to the women cooperative so they can have an office and organize their own

The CSW model demonstrates an efficient low-cost, low-tech, and safe solution for self-built reconstruction in rural Nepal with local materials.

Main Goals

• Promote substainable solutions for a safe and
adapted reconstruction in rural areas.
• Help to develop and diffuse the CSW technology
in Nepal by building an Habitat Resource Center.
• Inform and create awarness among the community
on alternative technologies.
• Evaluate the capacity of this technology in Nepal
in terms of social-economic reality in a context of
• Train a team of labors to the CSW technology.

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• 183 sq.ft of living space on ground
• 834 cu.ft of stones and 40 cu.ft of
• 985 ru.ft of wire mesh equivalent to
1745 sq.ft of wire mesh
• 71 cages folded and assembled
• 3 days of work for 5 labors / row

Mode opérationnel

• Training a team of workers on CSW
construction technique.
• Construction of an Habitat Resource
Center (HRC) in Mainapokhari village
• Showcase good building practices among the community
• Popularize a construction manual
• Hand over the building to the community

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