L’expertise solidaire pour construire un habitat digne et durable pour tous

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Architecure and Development participates in sensitizing the students and the young professionals who are likely to be integrated in developmental projects in the southern countries.

Sensitizing the different populations to the specifics of architecture in the Southern countries

Today, when issues related to Habitat are of importance in the public debate in the South as in the North, A&D chooses to sensitize the public opinion, the participants of development and largely the participating civil society :

  • At the regional and global forums (European Social Forum, World Social Forum)
  • At events related to the International Solidarity (International Solidarity Week)
  • At seminars and conferences of its partners (Schools of Architecture, NGO, public partners...)

Since the beginning, we have been inviting you, every two months, to take part in the evaluation of field projects. These informal meetings, held at the head office, make it possible to share our experiences and to reflect together upon our activities. The schedule of these meetings is available on the home page of the site.

Organization of events on the subject of Development

A&D organizes conferences, worksops, exhibitions on subjects related to development and architecture, such as “Habitat in the Southern countries”, “Women Masons”, “Architecture with Earth”, “Architecture & Emergency”

Giving importance to and dissemination of practices & experiences gained through the completion of projects

We allow our partners to gain exposure and publish their projects and experiences. We thus contribute to the dissemination of experiences and exchange of ideas and opinions.

Activation of the associated networks in the North and the South

A&D contributes to the debate on international solidarity by means of professionals, students’ networks and the youth. We put forth our experiences and exchange information, in order to create a new bond between the university and professional world. We support contacts between the North - South and the other schools of architecture, associations, local university structures through conventions of partnership and exchanges between students and architects.