L’expertise solidaire pour construire un habitat digne et durable pour tous

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Diversity of approaches by architects, planners, landscape designers, engineers, economists and sociologists working as activists towards new attitudes and practices. Improving the quality of life through the exchange of know-how.

Project Management Structure:

The majority of the interventions are carried out in the developing countries and each project calls on specific expertise. The piloting of the projects is generally done by an expert on the field in partnership with a local organisation.

Expertise and Support:

A&D groups together experts in different areas of expertise for short missions, interventions and evaluation. A&D has chosen to work with multi-disciplinary experts team, to capture the efficacy and develop technical know-how of each team member, and also share the solutions and procedures with all, at all stages of the projects design and development.

Each project in the field has a senior expert designated to follow-up the implementation in the field and provide technical as required.


A&D brings together partners in the North and South supporting and promoting exchange of ideas.

The association is engaged in forums and events favouring the development and sensitization of civil society.