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Construction and Rehabilitation of the National Centre of Orthopedic Equipment of Mali (CNAOM)

Construction and Rehabilitation of the National Centre of Orthopedic Equipment of Mali (CNAOM)

CNAOM was created in 1997 by the union of CRHP and INRFP - PH (two organisations belonging and managed by AMPHP). In November 2002, CNAOM, a Scientific & Technological Institute was modified to the status of National Public Establishment equipped with financial autonomy. This centralized Institute guides, supervises and supports the other regional centers. Although autonomous in administrative management, the CNAOM is not financially autonomous. In fact, the receipts are lower than the expenses at about 16 000 000 Fcfa, compared to the recurring expenses, roughly at 150 000 000 Fcfa in 2003. The CNAOM depends largely on State grants and on the support from its external partners. In this regard, it is clear that this Institute cannot make financial investments with its own working capital.

By decree, CNAOM’s mandate is:

  • to endorse/promote research, education and the documentation of orthopedics and rehabilitation;
  • to participation in the creation/development of scientific, technical and social information on orthopedics, rehabilitation and physical disability/Handicap;
  • the dissemination/promotion of specialized materials/information on orthopedics and rehabilitation;
  • design and production of equipments, and technical assistance for the Handicapped People;
  • coordination, supply of equipment and the follow-up with the regional centers of rehabilitation.
  • the administrative and financial follow-up of its activities.

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