"South Africa’s Architecture with Earth" 1996-2000, an evaluation of the CRATerre Project

Location : Pretoria, Bloemfontain, Cape Town, Bellville

Date of Comencement : November 2000

Duration : Preparation - mission 14 days - Report

Requested by : Cooperation Service - French Embassy in South Africa

Mission Objectives :

To evaluate « South Africa’s Architecture with Earth » 1996-2000 based on a number of criteria :

  • Efficiency (Have we accomplished the project objectives ? Where are the gaps ?
  • Efficiency (Comparisons, implementation and results)
  • Impact (are the economic, technical, sociocultural, political, ecological, etc impacts positive ?)
  • Viability (can the activities continue in an independant way ?)
  • Intervention Strategy (have we chosen the best approach ?)
  • Beneficiaries’ participation and satisfaction.
    To put down prospects and to give recommendations for future projects of this type.

Methods of achievement :

1-Preparation of the mission with CRATerre along with supporting documents : meeting with the person in charge of the programme Philippe Garnier, in Grenoble or Paris, and handing over of the file.

2-14 days mission of site visit : visit by all the partners and holding private talks in order to collect their analyses and activity report. State of the sites of completed projects, study of the conditions in which the project was completed, study of the impact on the environment and their final views. Points of view, copies of plans, written documents.

3-At Paris, to write a report on the mission, to organize the information collected, to analyze it, write up a draft report which will be presented to the French Embassy in order to collect the reactions and complements and submit the final report.

Local Partners :
CPO-Pentech at Cape Town-Bellville, UEC-UOFS at Bloemfontain, CSIR/boutique at Pretoria, etc...

Financial Support : French Embassy


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