Evaluation of the Animation and Training Centres at Porto Novo

1998 Porto-Novo Benin

Mission with the objective of evaluating the conditions in which the projects of the Animation and Training Centres were completed

To propose technical solutions to expand the partnership by integrating the civil engineering section of the technical school (a part from Porto-Novo) to the building sites by the young professionals

Location : Porto-Novo, Parakou, Abomey, Cotonou, Natitingou, Lokossa

Date of Comencement : August 98

Duration : 1 month

Requested By :

  • French League of Teaching and Permanent Education (LFEEP)
  • Committee of the Educational Activities of Benin (CAEB)

Methods of achievement :

A report is attached with each CFA

  • integration in relation to the environment
  • operational report
  • report on the disorders and recommendations
  • study of the architectural classification/typology of each city
  • visits of building sites and cultural centres (museums, colonial buildings...)
  • meetings with local architects

Partners :


Financial support :

Ministry of the French Cooperation
Own Funds


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