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Inquiry and Handbooks for the constructuion of the schools-CAURIS

Establishment of a diagnosis on the state of the heritage school of the departments of Matam, Dagana and Podor

Location: Matam, Dagana and Podor

Project date: 26 May 1999

Duration: 5 weeks

Requested by:

  • Intercultural Relations Association support cell (Intercultural Relations Association support cell in Senegal)
  • Architecture & Developemnt

Project objectives:

  • Collate the available information on the schools
  • Establishment of a summary concerning the request in the field of construction and repair
  • In the longer term, formation of a project with the Intercultural Relations Association support cell and Architecture & Development to meet the preset needs, within the framework of the PROARES.

Method of Implementation:

  • 5 weeks travel in St Louis north Senegal
  • Collaboration with the Intercultural Relations Association support cell besides IDEN (Departmental inspection) and academic inspection of St Louis
  • Contacts eith partners: FED, French Association of Volunteers of Progress, GREF

Partners: CAURIS

Funded by: Self financed project, A&D and CAURIS

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