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Galerie Photo Indus Delta - Projet SPRIDER

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City farming
Dr. R.T. Doshi was one of the early adaptors of city farming. It also connects with a group of women in Pune, who took to waste re-cyling very early, and helped themselves to nutrition for their |+|
Architecture & Développement
Landscape for Rainwater
Le site archéologique de Hampi, Karnataka présente des caractéristiques des villes Indiennes de la fin du 15eme et 16eme siècles. Les puits, canaux et aqueducs de l’ancienne ville attestent le succès |+|
Architecture & Développement
Vernacular values
Threading the cross section journeys into the other paradigm in architecture and examines the values and underlying commonsense of the vernacular in shaping our built environment. In this film |+|
Architecture & Développement

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