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Completed projects

Details of the projects carried out within the framework of activities of A&D since it’s foundation in 1997.

Projects realised by A&D since its inception are concentrated in developing countries that have experienced some crisises particularly in the area of habitat. A&D has implemented many projects in the realm of sustainable built environments, projects that integrate social, cultural and economic aspects at every stage of construction.

Restoration and maintenance of sanitation system in Port Gentil

Objectives of the project: Support for the maintenance of the sanitation system of the city. |+|

Study of the rehabilitation and transformation of colonial buildings into resource centre programme.

The stake here is to rehabilitate a colonial building by integrating local materials with which |+|

Construction of Izmit’s Town Hall

A bond of solidarity was substantiated by promises of gifts from a score of municipalities of |+|

Technical & methodological support to the construction of hospitals

Objectives : Bringing in expertise and a follow up of the rehabilitation of 2 hospitals of HSF |+|

Inquiry and Handbooks for the constructuion of the schools-CAURIS

Establishment of a diagnosis on the state of the heritage school of the departments of Matam, |+|

Reconstruction of a synagogue and a Mausoleum

Project objectives: Restoration of the heritage from a point of view of the utilization of the |+|

Construction of a school in Kabo, a rural locality

Objective : Completion of the school in a rural locality with the participation of french |+|

Evaluation of the Animation and Training Centres at Porto Novo

Mission with the objective of evaluating the conditions in which the projects of the Animation |+|