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Articles & References

Provides additional information about projects by defining the local, national and international contexts of A&D’s activites. It allows to understand the scope of every project better.

2 Bridges

When I worked in Liberia, I developed two standardized box-culverts small bridges for |+|

The Reflective Architect

95% of urban growth in the world is taking place in the form of slums. There is a massive need |+|

Unsustainable clash of civilisations?

Having shared my life between old Europe and even older India I have often compared the |+|

A prototype of dissemination and education.

Contribution of I.T.A.C.A.,Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” for the MIPAA, Multimedia |+|

The Urgent Need for a More Anthropological Approach to Architecture

"Culture is entitled to demand that experimenters leave it in peace." (Adolf |+|

Rights and Wrongs (Demolitions in Mumbai)

Rohit Shinkre est architecte indépendant et enseigant à l’Académie d’architecture de |+|

Yet another Tsunami-through Government order !

by Babu Mathew (ActionAid India)