VKC Thriving !!

The VKC in Thiruvengadu has seen many visitors since its inauguration on 1st August 2007. From villagers wanting specific details about the village, to school and college students looking for details about education etc, the VKC has seen a constant flow of people through its doors !!

 Shirley Rebello

A total of 1217 have visited the Thiruvengadu VKC since August last year.Most of them were village people who wished to apply the application under Right to information Act, college students and school going students. The most sought after information included :

1. Village details

2. Education [ Course details, Exam Result]

3. Information on Right to information Act,2005
[ How to apply under the Act ]

4. Govt. official Telephone numbers, Address

5. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act,2005 NREGA
(information regarding employment)

6. Govt. welfare schemes [ Example : Girl child protection

7. Other information