Report on Masons Training Programme in Teli Village

A training programme was conducted for masons in Teli Village in Villupuram District on 05th April 2007. This programme was conducted with the aim of upgrading the knowledge of semi skilled masons and turning them into skilled masons.The skill upgradation training programme conducted by TNDTF was the first programme for semi skilled -masons in the village.

 Shirley Rebello

TELI is a small village situated adjacent to Villupuram town. It is about 12Kms from west of Villupuram. The total population of the village is approximately 17,00 and most of them are engaged in agriculture, brick making and running of petty shops.

The objectives of this training programme were:

1.To build knowledge among semi skilled masons regarding selection of good building material and good construction practices

2.To generate awareness about different disasters faced in the area and effects of disaster on buildings.

3.To facilitate improved livelihood opportunities

Topics discussed during the programme included, role of masons in the construction industry, different types of disasters faced in the locality, building materials locally available and local construction practices, selection of good quality materials and good construction practices.

The training programme received a lot of positive feedback from the participants who felt that they had received a lot of technical inputs which would benefit them in their work as well as enable them to share the knowledge with other masons.