People are beeing trained and Nureseries are busy with activity

The Nurseries are set up in all the 3 villages and The Trainings on Nursery Management and Organic Product Preparation are completed.

 Amrita Kutuva (architecure et development)
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The panchayatars were happy in giving permission for setting up nursery activity in the Public land. But in Kilinjalmedu the public land is too far away from the village and so the private land of the Village Reconstruction Committee (VRC) member is used for the Nursery activity. All the physical structures of the Nursery are ready and people are working on it. The local Fishing community has good knowledge about plants and their uses but when it comes to raising plants, they were a bit unsure, because of their limited practical knowledge with plants. By keeping this in mind 2 trainings were organized for the VRC members, who are playing an active role in the plantation activity.

The first training on Nursery Management was held on 22nd and 23rd of March. It was conducted by Centre for Environment and Education (CEE) at Thiruvettakudi near Karaikal. CEE takes up Environment related issues and works among school children, Villagers and Government officials. 15 VRC members from all the 3 villages participated in the training. The basics of Nursery Management like soil proportion, seed treatment, cuttings, grafting, potting and repotting, Manures and Pesticides etc and maintaining the registers for the Nursery were discussed in detail. The participants were keen on learning new techniques and in doing their practical session. The participants were also taken on an exposure visit as a part of the training. This shows that Nursery is going to supply good and healthy plants for Plantation.

The next training was about Organic Products Preparation, which was held on 12th, and 13th April. It was conducted by Centre for Environment and Agricultural Development (CEAD). CEAD is involved in information dissemination with regard to Organic farming practices. The Nurseries set up by A&D in the villages will have organically grown plants so that the fertility of the soil can maintained and improved without harming it. So again 15 VRC members from 3 villages took part in the training and learnt preparation of Panchakavya, Leaf Extract, Vermicompost, Vermiwash and Fish Extract. All these organic products are to be prepared and used in our Nurseries. All the materials that are required for preparing these products are available locally.