Training Centre « Seyyed Djamaluddin  » in Kaboul - 2 (Final)

One year later, the project is finished. The students started to take possession of the buildings from the very start of April.

 Jean Paul Lemdjedri
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March was the last month before the start of the new Academic year. The workmen did every possible efforts in order to complete the work. At the end of March, the so much awaited containers arrived eventually. Two weeks later, everything was installed. The members of the institute showed their implication in the project and a team of 5 people joined the workmen for the installation of all the equipment. Even the new students gave a hand to install quickly.

April 7, we welcomed Mrs. Chirac, the First Lady of France, and the Minister for the Foreign Affairs, Mister Douste-Blazy. At the occasion, a tree was planted as a sign of revival. The Afghan Minister of Education insisted on giving a name to the tree, to perpetuate an old Afghan tradition, and so it was baptized "Bernadette" with the assent of the First Lady.

This visit was followed by an exchange on Education in Afghanistan with representatives of the various educational structures and students of the two schools Franco-Afghan.

In April, the administrative staff took possession of their new offices. The students could also use their new classrooms for the first time.

On April 30th, we celebrated the end of the construction ! All the actors of the project came together for the ceremony. Every participants had a tree named after them. To conclude this beautiful day, a volleyball game was organized on the new play-ground, as well as a nice walk in the gardens to search for each one tree !