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These grants enable students in architecture to perform a research in one of the countries of the South and get involved in documentation and producing other support studies and surveys for their professional thesis.


Allows to accomplish a research in accordance with subjects of study for the degree in architecture.
Supports initiatives of students as part of international solidarity.
Favour the emergence of architectural projects dealing with local initiatives.
Inserts an experience of research and/or a site experience into the university curricula.
Promotes cultural and professional exchanges between the North and the South.


Grants are available to the final year students of architecture.

The subject of study must be in accordance with the habitat of the countries of the South and should include a research work (surveys, observations, bibliography) and this should be integrated with a holistic approach towards development.

Applications are to be to submitted to A & D office. They are then subjected for evaluation to the Selection Commitee.

After selection, the student has to sign a convention/contract with A&D who will then distributes him the grant. On his return, the scholarship recipient submits a report within two months consisting of the following details :

A narrative report of the stay and study.
A summary of the study.
Graphic and computer documentation.
A list of partners interacted with and contact resource persons details.