Our Action

Established in 1997, A&D aims to renew the architectural approach, based on the issues raised by civil society. A&D bridges the gap using strong and appropriate pedagogic means.


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Assistance to work expertise.

Provides accompaniment and support to the assembly and the programming of projects - Need assessment, programme formulation, phasing and planning. Preliminary feasibility study and the compilation of financial files for the technical and operational parties.

Work Expertise

Studies, conception & design of projects followed closely by coordination.


Impact studies, intervention strategies and feasibility criteria during the course and at the end of the project. Evaluations missions are done in order to see if the study, design work and all the criterias of the project are followed.


Appropriate architecture, research and development of relevant technical solutions using the local resources (materials and renewable energies).

Urban and rural development.

Feasibility studies, analysis and implementation of habitat(housing) projects along with social, educational and cultural facilities.

Humanitarianism Post Emergency.

Guidance and expertise imparted to the NGOs for the reconstruction programmes for rehabilitation and prevention of the major risks and disasters.

Heritage and Equitable Tourism.

Inventory and strategies for increasing the value of importance of the heritage buildings for collective memory and equitable tourism.

New Communication and Information Technologies.

Animation of a platform to reflect on the role of the NTIC for promotion of appropriate architecture.