Alternatives modes of transport in Mumbai

article by Bombay Electric Supply and Transport Company (BEST)



Transport is a very important factor in the economic organisation of a modern city. With the concentration of industrial and other employment in a city, there is tremendous increase in the movement of men and goods. The pace of such movement has an impact on the economics of the organisation Transport is like the lungs of the orgniszation. Transport in the city of Mumbai is handled by the two railways and the B. E. S. T. Undertaking. The Undertaking carried more passengers than the two railways put together and yet, it must be admitted, there is considerable scope for improvement in its bus service.

The B. E. S. T. Undertaking is always thinking to use other modes of transport. It gave consideration to the following alternative means of transport, having obtained expert advice on them :

(1) Aerial Ropeway,
(2) Underground Railway,
(3) Overhead Railway (Aerial Monorail), and
(4) Water Bus

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