Oshiwara District Centre

planning tasks of MMRDA close to JVLR project.


The phenomenal growth in the economic activity and its concentration in the old established centre is a principal cause of Mumbai’s present problems. Hence, the thrust of the planning efforts of the MMRDA has been to restructure this pattern of development by planned actions viz. by creating new growth centres which will act as additional foci of development activities in the Region absorbing future growth of offices and commercial activities. The District Centre at Oshiwara in the western suburbs of Mumbai is one of the new growth centres contemplated.

The 102 ha. site of this District Centre is situated near the Western Railway line between Jogeshwari and Goregaon Railway Stations. District Centre is being planned with a target of 40,000 jobs to be achieved by the year 2001. The Centre will have a shopping complex with about 3,000 shops of various sizes. A variety of cultural and recreational activities will also be provided. The Oshiware District Centre will include some residential area which will accommodate about 20,000 families. The planning proposals for Oshiware District Centre has been approved by Government on the 1st March, 1992.

The proposals are being implemented through the participation of the land owners. Under the scheme, the private lands in the area is notionally acquired and is leased to the land owners who are expected to develop the lands in accordance with the MMRDA ’s plan and architectural control. The cost of development of infrastructure is recovered by charging lease premium and the Development Charge. The work of the construction of roads and storm water drains is in progress along with nalla training work.

Oshiwara District Centre