Rights and Wrongs (Demolitions in Mumbai)

Rohit Shinkre est architecte indépendant et enseigant àl’Académie d’architecture de Mumbai.


There is underway for the past few weeks in Mumbai a massive demolition drive
by the BMC (Brihan-Mumbai Municipal Corporation) targeting illegal
encroachments; slums but also and for a change well established restaurants,
hotels etc. It has been very long since anything like this has actually taken place
without intervention from the ‘usual suspects’; namely the NGO’s, who need
issues to survive and make themselves noticed and the vote hunters who need
the numbers wherever and however they come from... For some reason even the
routinely misappropriated court orders has not been able to stay the drive, which
surprising has the state government backing. The politicians, ruling and opposition
are divided on the issue- torn between the shimmering Shanghai syndrome and
the vote bank equation. The NGO’s and other active representatives of the civil
society, I hope, are pondering over an effective counter-strategy.

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