Expertise and Network

Architecture & Development (A&D) which aims for International Solidarity is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 1997 at Paris.


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The objective is to reinforce the competences of the architects as actors of the development process, while emphasizing their social role as citizens in helping the vulnerable and divested populations, of the North and the South.

A&D also contributes to the creation of a network of expertise and capacity building in several fields of intervention like - the problem of appropriate and environmentally responsive architecture, linking of the urban and rural development, response to the humanitarian and the post-emergency need of disasters and the conservation of our built and cultural heritage.

Thanks to a mulitcultural approach and a team of multi-disciplinary people, A&D has involved itself in the framework of international solidarity through the organization of events, training programmes, sensibilization and the organization of exchanges in North / South and South/ South countries and the implementation of development projects through a system of cooperation and partnerships.