Pune Hills on a Downward Slope

by Satyajit Joshi

The Sunday Express Sunday, January 19, 2003


If PUNE was once called a pensioner’s paradise, it was mostly because of its hills. No other major urban centre in the country has such abundance of them. Nestled in a basin of hills and greenery, Puneites had pleasant climate through the year, their taps had bountiful water 24 hours a day, while the Mutha river flowing through the city provided an ideal evening spot.
Then politicians decided they wanted a piece of the pie, and now these lungs of the city are on the road to destruction.

Quality of life has deteriorated as the ruling class (politicians and bureaucrats) have shown more interest in land instead of providing basic amenities which improve quality of life. Scientific urban planning has also taken a backseat thanks to the greed for land.

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