Urban sprawl assessment Entropy approach, Pune

Sulochana Shekhar
Lecturer in geography

National Defence Academy, india


The Remote Sensing data, GIS combined with Shannon’s entropy has proved to be efficient in monitoring and measuring the urban sprawl of Pune, a developing city in the Indian state of Maharashtra

The monitoring of urban development is mainly to find out the type, the amount and location of land conversion for future planning. Although various studies have been dedicated to measure and monitor the growth and sprawl of urban form they have limitations in capturing the characteristics of urban sprawl. Here is an alternative technique - the Shannon’s entropy - specially to measure the sprawl is developed within the integration of remote sensing and GIS. The advantages of the entropy method are its simplicity and easy integration with GIS.

Hence an attempt has been made to make use of entropy method to analyse urban sprawl of Pune city, in the state of Maharashtra, which is a part of fast growing urban agglomeration in India and to prove that the technique is useful in mapping and monitoring the urban sprawl patterns.

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