Post Tsunami Reconstruction

A&D has undertaken reconstruction project in India as a post-tsunami response. With the help from its local partners Habitat Technology Group and PRAXIS, A&D is constructing 92 houses in 2 villages and implementing micro-projects in several villages.

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Architecture and Development has proposed a programme for reconstruction in 8 villages in the district of Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu, South India. The local partners for these projects are Habitat Technology Group and PRAXIS. These groups have been working in this district for more than 15 years. They have good relationship with the beneficiaries of this project.

This project mainly considers the people who have been affected by the December 2004 Tsunami but were left out by the government lists as well as the other NGOs working in the area. A&D’s overall objective is to improve the habitat and living conditions for the populations affected by the tsunami.

The programme focuses on the following activities.

1.Construction of houses in three villages.

  • 56 houses in Veerapakupathy village.
  • 70 houses in Rajakamangalam Thurai village.
    Although there were 46 temporary shelters constructed by the Government, it does not consider this village as a Tsunami affected village. The people here are helpless and neglected and have not been helped by any other NGO. As these people are also very poor A&D has decided to buy land and build houses for them.
  • 22 houses in Aruthenganvilai village.
    In this village, the people are living in small houses which are mostly made of coconut leaves. As nne of A&D’s main objectives is to improove the people’s habitat and provide better living conditions it has planned to reconstruct and improve the houses for them to lead a more comfortable and convenient life.

2.Construction of Community Centers in several villages.
In the coastal villages, there are several functions, meetings and festivals that take place. On these occasions, the entire village gathers in one place. In some villages these places have been destroyed. if they existed. but most of them lack these primary facility spaces for the urgent coomunity needs. Considering this aspect A&D has planned to construct community centers in 5 villages, as a one community centre is must in all the villages for various occasions.

3.A series of participatory micro-projects.
These micro projects are designed to improve the quality of the existing houses (by retrofitting), improve the lives of handicap people, improve the sanitation and also few other activities which would help in improving people’s quality of life.

4.A series of capacity building programmes in different villages.
This is mainly to find out the capability of the people and to improve them in such a way that they won’t depend on anyone for their future needs. This has especially made for women’s empowerment.

5.Empowerment of traditional fisherfolk through introducing them into a collective process of Co-operatives.