Construction of Bo’s Regional Rehabilitation Center (RRC)

The construction project of "Regional Rehabilitation Center of Bo", located at the heart of "Bo Government Hospital", is financed by foreign funds and depends on the support of Sierra Leon’s Ministry of Health.

Strong ties developed with a local group of councilors, the Task Force which is the decision making body and acts as the coordinator of works, has enabled Handicap International to work in partnership with the above Ministry.

 Claudia Melani
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The activities consist of :

  • The opening of an orthopedic workshop at Bo (first zone where the systematic policy of amputations started) made it possible to launch a program of medical care, and in particular, of support to the victims of war ; the disabled and the wounded.
  • The actions of HI have encouraged a permanent presence at several locations of the country : Kailahun, Koidu, Kenema, Bo and Freetown ; this last town being the most important in terms of infrastructure. In 2002 the National Rehabilitation Center of Freetown (NRC) was created with the old rehabilitation infrastructure belonging to the Ministry for Health. It received hundreds of refugies, victims of war and people requiring special care. Today NRC is the center which manufactures the majority of the artificial limbs and which receives the greatest number of patients requiring functional rehabilitation (kinesitherapy, ergothérapie, etc.) People coming from remote and distant areas find it difficult to reach NRC in spite of its central location.

In 2000 the partnership between the Disabled and the Ministry of Health, made it possible to develop a network of competences and infrastructure, to improve the well being, the autonomy and the rehabilitation / re-integration of the disabled in Sierra Leon. In this long term strategy of development, a number of projects were identified, amongst which one was the construction of the " Regional Rehabilitation Centre , (RRC) " of Bo.

This new Center will have an orthopedic workshop, a unit of kinesitherapy and a social assistance service.