INHAF-Indian Habitat Forum

INHAF is a partner of the Be !Sharp program launched in April 2004 in India and has put in place a center of resources for a sustainable built environment framework. In January 2004, during the World Social Forum of Mumbai, INHAF and A&D jointly organized the social responsibility for architecture day.

 Kalpesh Dolia
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INHAF is an Indian organization founded in 1999 by private individuals and NGOs involved in the human settlements. It is a non profit and non governmental organisation which functions as a platform for the promotion of the citizens’ role and the civic action for the improvement of housing, living conditions and quality of life and services in the Indian cities and villages.

INHAF’s primary objective is to mobilize NGOs, the communities, universities, professionals, contractors and implementers of Habitat and to create a platform for debates to reinforce the capacities of each one to defend and argue for their respective activities.

INHAF mobilizes a large number of orgaqnisations from all over India and regularly organizes large scale meetings, workshops and conferences.