School of African Heritage (EPA)

The School of African Heritage (EPA) is a partner of the FAI exchange program since 2002. It regularly recruits trainees for research or studies in partnership with UNESCO.

 Kalpesh Dolia
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GIFThe EPA is an academic establishment of associations of specialised research in the 2nd cycle of intervention and conservation of the local movable and immovable cultural heritage.

EPA works in the fields of intervention and conservation of the movable and immovable cultural and common heritage, and is assigned the mission of :

  • To reinforce the African professionals network in order to ensure the conservation and development of the cultural heritage.
  • To propose programmes to the African public which will allow the discovery and re-adaptation to their cultural heritage.
  • To promote and undertake socio-economic development projects which will integrate the protection and enhance the value of the cultural heritage.
  • To contribute and disseminate publications specialised on the African cultural heritage.