Construction of a school in Kabo, a rural locality

Objective : Completion of the school in a rural locality with the participation of french students to the project of International Solidarity


 Traductions disponibles : Français

Location : Kabo, province of Passore

Date of Commencement : Summer of 99

Duration : 2 months

Requested by : Association of students’ parents of Kabo

Methods of achievement

In order to follow the progress of the building site and organise meetings with the residents, Architecture and Development proposes to form a team of young students which will be supervised by the project manager of the association

The plans conceived by Architecture and Development will ensure workmanship of the project with the participation of a team of local artisans and the village community

Local Partners :

Province of Passore
Ministry of Basic Education
Association of students’ parents

Financial support :

Ministry of External Affairs
General Council of Val de Marne
Village association, district of Yako