Rehabilitation of hospitals - Bamyan and Kabul

Objectives of the project : To prepare an architectural and technical proposal for the rehabilitation of the Bamyan and Kabul hospitals

 Sandra d’Urzo
 Available Translations: Français

Location : Kabul and Bamyan

Date of Commencement : November 2000

Duration : 3 weeks

Requested by : International Medical Aid

Methods of achievement :

1-Mission preparation at AMI

2-Mission in place, visit of the buildings, meetings and discussions with the Afghan personnel of the hospitals and the expatriates of AMI: a building site guide, a male nurse, a logistician/administrator, the doctor was not yet on the site

3-Elevation plan of the hospital, and the main building, pictures of the existing structure

4-Complete examination of the roofs, structures, door frames and networks

5-Definitions of the new functions and traffic organization according to the local cultural rules.

6-Revision of existing estimates prepared by the Afghan engineers

7-Drafting of a report of the mission to be presented to the expatriates at AMI

Local Partners :

Hospital of Bâmyân
The afghan engineers from « Solidarity « and AMI