Construction of Izmit’s Town Hall

A bond of solidarity was substantiated by promises of gifts from a score of municipalities of the 93, as well as the Council General, following the earthquake. The association of solidarity of the 93, composed of local communities, wished to direct its assistance towards the people with jobs to play a part in the emergency aid and to provide services of common interest.

 Turquie - 1999

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Project objectives: A Pilot project for reconstruction, following the earthquake of August 99.

Methods of achievement :

After the earthquake, the Town hall of Bekirpasa was situated in a temporary building unsuited for its activity. The municipality thus submitted the project to transform an old building under construction into a permanent town hall.

A local NGO, «the Committe for the City» was entrusted for the permanent control of works, under the supervision of our project manager who carries out regular site missions.

  • Preparation of the survey, meetings, drafting of a schedule of expenditure
  • Evaluation mission, collection of information, making contact with the local people, political and associative.
  • Suggestions in the form of a report and recommendations on the construction of a utility service
  • A number of projects of reconstruction and rehabilitation of public buildings (schools and municipal services) were proposed.
  • A&D in partnership with a Turkish NGO proposed for the follow-up and implementation of the project.

Partners :

BANDOUNG Association
General Council of Seine Saint Denis
Association of municipalties of 93