Technical & methodological support to the construction of hospitals

Objectives : Bringing in expertise and a follow up of the rehabilitation of 2 hospitals of HSF in Albania.Support for the expatriate volunteers and the people of HSF for the management of the program. To hand down the work methodology and project goals with the local companies and persons in charge.

 Albanie -  Albanie - 1999

 Available Translations: Français

Locality : Elbasan and Fier

Date of commencement : 15th October 1999

Duration : 10 weeks

Requested by : HSF (Hôpital Sans Frontière)

Methods of achievement :

One weeks site mission consisting of :

  • Help to HSF for to the identification of the building sites (selection of the companies, preparation of the contractual documents, job description of the team)
  • Visit to the two hospitals, and local representatives of health...

Technical and methodological mission follow up from Paris :

  • Suggestions and recommendations
  • Assistance to the propagationof markets
  • Technical and methodological support (technical follow-up of works, putting in place a system of control for the companies)

Partners : Humanitarian Action Service, France