Study and support mission for the implementation of the design of a coffee centre

The mission includes a global solution in the socio-economic context, structural activities and architecture. A&D is in charge for the support to the implementation of works during the second phase.

 France - 2001

 Traductions disponibles : Français

Locality : 5-7 rue Pali Kao 75019 Paris - France

Date : October 2001

Objectives :

  • to break the insulation of the old migrants
  • to prevent the risks of disinsertion
  • to regenerate solidarity
  • to support the access to rights

Methoda of achievement :

1- Studies, surveys/investigations :

  • Geographical, social, cultural, economic context
  • Targeted public (behaviors, needs, aptitudes, entertainments..)
  • Coffee Centre (operations, social activities, environments...)
  • Architecture (Coffee centre, Mediterranean styles, closed environment...)

The originality of the project justified a preliminary study, complementary to that produced by Moncef Labidi (control of work) making it possible to look further into the concept of the social project, to study the environment of its development. In close cooperation with Moncef Labidi, this work made it possible to work out the program for research, investigations, feasibility studies, refinement of the goals of the project.

2- Support to the control of works

  • Programming,
  • Definition of operations
  • Definition of the place
  • Support for the choice of the control of works
  • Coordination between the control of work (Ayyem Zamen) and implementation of work (Kilo-Junctions)

The support to the control of works is responsible for the technical translation of the implementation. Its service of council near the control of work will make it possible to choose the control of suitable work. He will be then the interlocutor of the control of work, on behalf of the control of work

For a control of work beginner, an assistant at the same time architect allows the balance of the exchanges necessary to the development of a concerted architectural project.