Program CYBALK : House of dialogue

The basic concept of this project is to create places called "houses of the dialogue” equipped with Internet connections which will facilitate the dialogue and the initiatives for reconstruction, according to a model that can be reproduced.


 Traductions disponibles : Français

Date of operation : December 1999

Duration : 12 months

Project implemented by :

  • SEM (European Solidarity Montenegro)
  • LFEEP (Ligue de l’Enseignement et de l’Éducation Permanente)
  • VECAM (Citizens of European Cities for the Multimedia superhighway)
  • AEC

Project objectives :

  • By calling upon the initiatives of the young people and the existing resources, the "houses of the dialogue" allows to re-energise society by offering its inhabitants to work with their own construction.
  • This project is based on collaboration, inter-Balkan exchanges and European partners. It will support the Local and International circulation of information, by creating a network of exchanges and twinnings between the East and the West.

Methods of achievements :

  • Meeting in Bar, in Montenegro, to define the methods for the call of tenders and debates on the topic of implementation of the "houses of dialogue" between the 6 to 13 December, 1999
  • Launching of the debate at the time of biennial of contemporary art in July 2000 in Montenegro
  • Implementation of the contest and handing-over of the prices for the identification of the places
  • Implementation of the "houses of dialogue"
  • Local animation and perpetuation of the project through inter-balkan exchanges (networks of the "houses of dialogue"), with Europe and through twinning of the European cities.

Financial support :

  • MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)
  • FPH (Human Progress Foundation)
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Interministrial Cell for the Balkans