Reconstruction Project in Salvador

Following the earthquake of January/February 2001, A&D was requested to support a project of reconstruction for the victims of the quake in El Salvador. This would be within the framework of the International Solidarity supported by the CG 93.


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Mission title :
Reconstruction of Atiquizaya’s Town Hall

Country : El Salvador

Locality : San Salvador

Date of operation : 2002-2003

Mission In-charge : Sandra D’URZO

Requested by : Following the earthquake of January and February 2001, A&D with its expertise for the General Council of the 93 was requested to undertake a pilot project of rebuilding the town hall of Atiquizaya on behalf of the Council General of Seine Saint Denis.

Mission objectives :
1/ To bring its expertise to the works :

  • To make the architectural and technical recommendations for the rebuilding of the town hall of Atiquizaya.
  • To bring together and coordinate the technical partners : work expertise (the Municipality of Atiquizaya), the CRD (Coordination Reconstruction and Development) in charge of works, the architect or the engineering and design department, the builders (enterprises).
  • To set up the procedures for the realization of the work
  • To ensure the follow-up of work
    2/ To be responsible for the proper utilisation of project funds ;
  • To ensure timely payments to the the building owner, in several installements as and when work progresses ;
    3/ To control the conformity of project works and signed transactions ;
    4/ To ensure work transparency, as a result of the co-operation of the Department and its partners of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Methods of achievement :
1/Mission1 (march 2002) :

  • Technical appraise of the existing building
  • State of the technical competancies (engineering and design departments, architects, companies), of materials, the costs
  • Development of procedures between the contractual partners : CG 93, Municipality, CRD, enterprises
  • Suggestions in the form of a report including a schedule of costs and technical recommendations
    2/ Work plan on the duration of the works :
    3/ Coordination over the duration of the work

Human resources : An A&D architect as consultant

  • Team A&D :A parasesmic construction expert for mission 1.

Local partners :
Atiquizaya Municipalty and CRD (Coordination Reconstruction And Development)

Financial Support : Council General of Seine Saint Denis

Available documents : Mission report