Reconstruction of the « Seyyed Djamaluddin » training centre project in Kabul - 1

Further to the project of reconstruction of the cinema Ariana, the Embassy of France in Kabul asked A& D to intervene for the rehabilitation / reconstruction of buildings on the site of the University of Kabul. The first Mission in July, 04 assessed the needs and formalized the collaboration and partnerships with other NGO working there.

 Afghanistan - 2006
 Jean Paul Lemdjedri

In spite of the efforts of last three years, needs in terms of reconstruction of pedagogic equipment in Kabul remain considerable. For last year, the Embassy of France has initiated a program of training and exchange between French and Afghan teachers.

For the implementation of these activities, the building of Teacher’ s Training Centers has been identified and will be rebuilt by A&D. Extremely damaged, it seems difficult to reconstruct it, even partially : so therefore A&D plans to rebuild it by respecting the original structure, and by introducing appropriate techniques which economize the building cost, make it earthquake resistant and use local resources (materials and techniques of building).

An architect volunteer has been delegated from October, 2004 for the duration of this project.

It is a project funded by the French Embassy in Kabul (service of the Co-operation for Education).

A local enterprise demolished the last walls on the site in November. (cf diaporama)

The project carried out in collaboration with the administration of the beneficiaries responds to a program adapted to the actual needs.
For its design, the constraint was to respect the basic plan of the old building and thus to preserve the foundations, the only structure which remained intact. The Afghan style of architecture already present on the site is respected.

The project was to be ratified by the administration of reference and an invitation for tender was launched near 7 local building firms. After receiving their tenders, work will be begin in January 2005.

It should be recalled that this institute is located in a war zone. More than human victims, the majority of these buildings were destroyed by missiles and other machines of destruction. As much of establishments in Kabul, this training center for the professors currently has an insufficient number of buildings for teaching.