Post-earthquake evaluation mission in Turkey

A&D performed an evaluation mission, on behalf of CEB (Central European Bank), of the reconstruction programs carried out following three different natural disasters which have occurred in Turkey in the last ten years.

 Turquie -  Turquie -  Turquie - 2005
 Guy Besacier
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The purpose of this mission, carried out by two engineers expert in parasismic constructions, Guy Besacier and Murat Aktas, is to evaluate the impact of the reconstruction works undertaken after the earthquakes of Dinar and Marmara, in 1995 and 1999 respectively, and the mud flow (land slide) in Senirkent in 1995.

The evaluation consists of analyzing reconstruction programmes of approximately 25.000 houses and infrastructures financed by CEB and the World Bank.

The engineers form part of a team which, for one month, will evaluate not only the structural quality of the reconstructed buildings, but also their social integration, their adaptation by the beneficiaries and the economic impact in the area.

This mission resulted in technical specifications and recommendations for improving the management of funds of reconstruction as well as establishing hot lines to manage efficiently the aid from donors following catastrophes.