Evaluation mission of the rehabilitation of Tananarive’s CHU

Feasibilty study, construction folder and calls for tender, for the mission of rehabilitation guided by HSF.

 Madagascar - 2001

 Available Translations: Français

Location: Tananariv

Project Date: June 2000 and October 2001

Duration: 2 weeks and 3 weeks

Requested by: Hospitals sans Frontieres

Mission Objectives:

A first study related to the evaluation of the priorities of rehabilitation for the services considered as "sensitive" to understand the Urgence, operation theatre, reanimation, sterilization, laboratory and medical imagery.

It was decided to prioritise the fight against the nosocomiales infections.

The second mission was the constitution of the tender documents followed by the estimate of the companies selected by A&D

Methods of Implementation :

1- Project proposal with HSF and call for tenders

2- Two 15 days mission, visit of all the services and detailed visits for the sensitive services. Meetings and private talks with the heads of the concerned departments, the director of CHU, the mayor of Tana, the ministry director of hospitals, the person in charge for the economic expansion of the French embassy.

View points, copies of plans, documents (thesis, evaluations, list of companies), examination of the structure, roofs, door frames int. ext., circulations were carried out.

3- In Paris, it was a question of having discussions with a hospital programmist, to define the priorities of rehabilitation and to make three proposals of the plan.

  • rehabilitaion project based on hygene
  • reorganization of the sensitive services without considering the construction of a new building.
  • Then taking in to account the construction of a new building of peadiatric emergency financed by the mayor

Local partners: The mayor of Tananariv
Tananariv’s CHU Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona

Funding: Hospitals sans Frontieres