Study of the rehabilitation and transformation of colonial buildings into resource centre programme.

The stake here is to rehabilitate a colonial building by integrating local materials with which we have already worked, in order to preserve an architectural heritage.


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Location : KAYES

Commencement date : March 2000

Completion date : August 2000

Requested by :

The project was initiated by the UGAD association (General Unions of Developmental Associations) of Kayes and financed by the mission for Cooperation and French Cultural Action at Kayes.
The project was finalized in collaboration with the in charge of the mission at Bamako for the “Public Lecture Operation†and an ex director of Alliance Francaise.

Project objectives :

A reconstruction of the existing buildings enabled us to adjust the architectural plan. A possibility of extension by constructing other study halls was proposed in order to adapt this program which is not entirely defined to date.

Methods of Implementation :

To produce an APS and a feasibility report ( graphic and synthesis documents)

The project consists of :

  • A resource centre (research and lecture halls, shelves, archives, magazines, offices, reception area) 170m²
  • hall, exhibition hall between 30 and 40m²
  • a video room
  • two class rooms

Partners :

  • UGAD
  • Alliance Francaise

Funded by : Ministry of Foreign Affairs