Support to the legal reforms mission in Niger

A&D undertook a mission of expertise in November 2003 under the framework of the "PARJ" Support to the Legal Reforms in Niger, supported by the European Development Fund (EDF) programe.

 Niger - 2003

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This program, initiated since 2001 in several African countries for a period of five years, is based on a participative process of all the concerned judicial people and pursues six broad objectives of reforms : the legal framework, the legal system, the penitentiary system, legal functions of the public as well as the sociological and physical accessibility of justice, in particular by the réhabilitation/reconstruction of certain infrastructures, like the Court of Law, the centers of detention and the prisons.
The mission carried out by A&D relates to this last objective of construction/rehabilitation, making an inventory of fixtures, a need assessment as well as proposals for 12 project sites in the country, spread out over 6000km around Niamey and Agadez...

Due to lack of means to ensure the minimum infrastructure, the equipment of the courts and the prisons is presented overall in a deplorable state of degradation. These dysfunctions can be decreased by an improvement of the sanitary arrangements and functional level of the equipment, and then by the installation of penitentiary structures "pilot" giving priviledge to the minors and women, as well as specific installations carrying an improvement of the environmental quality of the sites.

This work, undertaken with the support of two Nigerian architects, will direct the strategic choices of the program and will allow the control of work (EDF and authorities natives of Niger) to launch consultations and invitations to tender for the realization of the projects of rehabilitation and construction.