Rural libraries of IDD (Immigration Democratic Development)

Rural libraries of IDD (Immigration Democratic Development)

 Maroc -  Maroc -  Maroc -  Maroc - 2004

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Exchanges and discussions between associations created from the Moroccan immigration, member of the IDD resource and many rural associations, gave birth to the rural libraries of IDD project. The goal of this project is to fight illiteracy, the lack of cultural infrastructure (libraries, CDI, MJC), especially in the villages, to support a broader dynamic with the institutional and associative partners for a cultural development for the service of the rural disadvantaged public and to sopport an integral development.

This project included the construction of 4 rural libraries (by mobilizing voluntary energies, the local craftsmen and the local con struction techniques respecting the environment), the constitution of data bases and the formation of agents of cultural development and associatiations.

A&D played a role of assisting the works, apart from participating in the study phase and conception, comprising of the coordination between the control of works (IDD Association) (Moroccan Architects) and benefiaciaries.

Two libraries were inaugurated at Tidasse and Ait Herbil in 2004. Two other libraries were inaugurated at Timoulay and Amal Dades in 2005.