Emergency mission in Pakistan

The evaluation mission which was entrusted to us by the Red Cross France had two objectives : (i) to evaluate the construction situation in the district of BATAGRAM. (ii) Propose and list out rehabilitation and reconstruction projects.

 Guy Besacier
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Why is it urgent to act

In the cae of earthquakes certain teams are in-charge of finding the buried people with the help of dogs or detection rquipments.
The CRF medical teams are first ERU (Emergency Response Unit) comprising of a team with complete logistics and means, bringing help to the injured .

The army is mobilised to bring the logistic support to the population.

The survivours who lost their heritage are on the streets.

Roles of architects and engineers during emergency

The architects and engineers are mobilised during emergency in order to reduce the social and economic impact of natural or technological catastrophes. Their role is complimentary to that of the medical team to undertake rapid damage evaluations and then to propose rehabilitation and reconstruction solutions.

The engineers and architects intervening in the emergency analyse the ruins and systems of construction, find short comings in their conception and execution in order to propose economic and technical solutions in the short and long term for repairs, re-imforcement and reconstruction.

By intervening early on the site before the bulldozers and reconstruction takes place, we can take detailed note of the phenomena which resulted the ruins in order to be ready for any future disaster.

The feedback of experiences makes it possible to evolve the parasismic regulation at the national, European and international level.

How do we act during emergency ?

First of all one should be prepared to take the plane with a notebook of vaccines and a passport. One should also be able to speak in English. One should have the competencies in structural mechanics. One should be able to improvise with the local and nationally available resources.

Unique condition of the disaster in Pakistan

The problem of temperature is currently very alarming because the doctors start to note engelures to the fingers.

The emergency shelters (tents) and the temporary shelters have only one heat insulation.

The strategy that we propose is to limit the construction of temporary shelters so that the families who have camped near their partially damaged houses can return to live without fear in their own houses after the earthquake rehabilitation works.