TNDTF gives technical assistance to Sport Sans Frontieres

The Tamil Nadu Development Technocrats Forum (TNDTF) provided technical assistance to Sport Sans Frontieres, an NGO that uses sports facilities like playgrounds as tools of cohesion and gathering, to constitute new responses to educational and social development of individuals and communities. They also implement educational programs through sport.

 Preeti Goel Sanghi

The TNDTF conducted the initial survey in the villages of Anichakuppam, Mudhaliakuppam, Sodainekuppam, Pudukuppam, Veerampathinam and Rtut. The playgrounds in these villages were mapped with respect to location in the village and measurements of the area were taken and a plan of the ground was drawn. Other specifications like details of the village Panchayat, Self Help Group President, the nature, ownership and size of the ground, the playing facilities available in the village were recorded.

The TNDTF also acted as the interface between the representatives of the Sport Sans Frontieres and the villagers. They translated the thoughts and ideas of the NGO to the villages and also communicated the concerns of the villagers. They will now have detailed discussions with the villagers and provide design inputs to SSF.