Project Overview

Fifteen Municipalities in Piedmont region, Italy have promoted the fund collections, generation of the resources through the participation of citizens, Municipal employees, Managers, Schools, Associations and Companies in the territory. This is one of the initiative taken by the Local Administration and citizens of Turin, in a project to be implemented by Politecnico di Torino in partnership with SocietàMetropolitana Acque Torino (SMAT)and Energia Solare (s.r.l.)in Italy and Architecture and Development (A&D)in India.

 Preeti Goel Sanghi

The Tsunami occurred in December 2004 in the South West of Asia. It caused a lot for the loss of human life along with the destruction of wide areas and villages. As a result, thousands of the people lost their houses, livelihood, family members, farms etc. It generated the social conscious in the individual as well as in the number of organizations to come forward and help these areas in concrete ways. The initiatives has been taken in many ways such as capacity building, strengthening the social fabric, developing new infrastructure, rebuilding and development with respect to the future needs etc.

The main aim of the project is to contribute to the set up the reconstruction process of the social life in the village of Tamil Nadu affected by Tsunami. In this context, the infrastructure development contribution shall be in such a manner that, it will help to achieve the quality of life for the affected people. The platform for various grass root educational and social activities, awareness programs shall be created in order to enable them to regain the social life. Use of solar and passive energy aspects, local materials and construction techniques shall be used in order to achieve sustainability.
All the actions of the project will follow the sustainability criteria.

The project evisages :

· water distribution system from a source to the village and the installation of an appropriate water treatment plant

· Renewable low cost energy supply with the help of solar panel or/ and wind energy to be used to operate the water treatment plant and centre services.

· Community centre for social and training actions.

· Social fabric enforcing through social mobilization and awareness building on issues of sustainable habitats especially alternative, renewable, energy, water management, and appropriate architecture.