"Net-working Together" film has been released

Reconstruction of Livelihoods after tsunami- "Net-working Together" (Inayand Seyal Peduttal) a film in Tamil has been released.

 Preeti Goel Sanghi

Net-working together[TAMIL, 38 mins 8 secs, PAL-VCD-Colour]

A film on the livelihoods of the coastal communities
and their fight against the global-market hegemony

Boats, boats everywhere but not a fish to catch ! This may only be partly true about the fast depleting sea resources. But several NGOs and other organizations have already begun talking about diversification and alternative employment for the fishing community. The threat from globalization is another cause for worry. Several big companies have already sneaked in the traditional fishermen’s “holy” space. The local market is constantly being attacked by the big companies and the global market. One way to sustain is through forming cooperatives controlled by the members. A group of women in Rajakamangalamthurai have formed such a sangha. They have pooled in their resources and are vending fish collectively. Although they started it through NGO intervention they can now function more or less autonomously. The strength that comes from working together, as a group has paid its dividends. These women are now part of a larger network that will only grow bigger and stronger with time. Few men from this village have also followed suite.

Most fishermen say they only know fishing yet there are a few willing to explore opportunities beyond fishing. So, how easy or difficult is the reconstruction of their livelihood ? On one hand, the traditional economy is finding it difficult to sustain in the new globalized market. One is tempted to look for a “niche” market or “niche” products and services. However, most of these are divorced from the local economy, local needs and generally need subsidised marketing efforts and NGO intervention to barely survive.

The old economy has a room for all but their market is dying. So some amount of modernization is required...from packaging to use of computers, better technology and even better marketing. The solution would probably be to make the local economy self-sustainable and ensure its continual growth. How can the NGOs and the local people take up this mammoth task of keeping the traditional economy alive and growing ? Find out in “Net-working” together’.

The aim of the film is to educate the local communities. It is part of a series of AV material on Tsunami related issues. The film is accompanied by an information booklet in Tamil and provides more references to other information. The main aim is to promote the right to information and people’s right to know, determine and participate in their own development particularly reconstruction of their livelihood and their re-development and rehabilitation.

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