Situation of the construction site in Arunthangavilai on November 2nd, 2006


The finishing stage of the construction of the 23 houses is progressing very slowly, due to the monsoons and scarcity of materials during this period. All houses are nearly at completion stage and at present seven houses are at the roof level, and the final flooring finish is in progress in ten houses and in six houses the floor has been prepared for final finsh. What is now remaining is to install the electrical connections, fix the doors and windows, lime wash the internal and external walls and to incorporate the toilets. The water level here is so high that providing a sanitary system for the toilets without affecting the water table was proving to be very difficult, so the technical team has been working on modifying the toilet design. They have now decided that there will be one septic tank for two houses, as this has worked out to be the most viable and sustainable solution to the present situation.

The drain which was constructed about 8 months ago under the Micro Projects initiative is blocked. This is due to the construction work and also because the villagers have not been maintaining the drain, as a result of which, there is stagnant water, that breeds mosquitoes. A&D has taken a stand on this issue that they will undertake the cleaning of this drain on the condition that every house located in frontside of the drain will henceforth be responsible for its maintainence.