Situation of the construction site in Rajakamangalamthurai on November 2nd, 2006

The construction of the 34 houses is under way of the 70 houses planned for Rajakamangalamthurai. The Diwali holidays and the rain have slowed down the tempo a little bit ...


In situ Construction : In the middle of the village, 2 new beneficiaries were chosen by PRAXIS which brings to 14, the number of beneficiaries having their own land. On one of these two plots marked, the owner has a kitchen and an external toilet which will remain, to enable the construction of bigger rooms in the new home. The marking of the plot of the second beneficiary was interrupted owing to a dispute in ownership with neighbours on both sides of the land staking claim to it. In fact most of the land in the centre of the village belongs to the parish. The people stay on the land but do not have ownership or title deed (patta). It is therefore up to the president of the parish to address this problem so that work can continue at a faster pace.

The construction of the 12 other houses in the middle of the village is continuing. 5 have reached roof level, 3 are at plastering stage, 1 at sill level, another has reached foundation level and the last, digging for foundation has just begun. It was finally decided to plaster both the inside and outside of the houses in Rajakamangalamthurai in order to protect the walls from the marine air.

Resettlement Construction
On the new land, it was always planned to construct 28 twin houses (that is 56 houses). At the moment 10 twin houses are under construction. Work had slowed down owing to shortage of water supply. Here, 3 twin houses have reached roof level, one is at lintel level, the slab of the roof is going to be cast for another, for two other houses the brick laying has reached lintel level, 3 are at the sill level and finally the job of digging for foundation is about to start on the last one.

A&D and Praxis have applied for permission to construct houses on the new land and while this is awaited, the construction has already begun ! This is not really surprising under the circumstances in Kanyakumari.