The start of construction of the village in Arunthangavilai

The plan is to build houses (upto a maximun of 25)for the people of the village of Arunthanganvilai.

 Preeti Goel Sanghi
 Available Translations: Français

The site on which 23 houses are to be built already belongs to the beneficiaries, but since each is of a different shape and size, each house will be designed and planned individually according to the plot. A&D, with suggestions and ideas from the beneficiaries, drew one or two plans of the houses within the allocated budget. Different options were shown to the beneficiaries by drawing demarcations of rooms on the ground to make it easier for them to understand how their future houses were going to look.. The orientation of most rooms and the houses were adapted in keeping with `Vastu’. Once the owners were satisfied with the plan, the papers were signed and the work began without much delay..

Keeping in mind A&D’s objective of using local expertise and labour in building, TNDTF, were asked to undertake the training of masons who would work on the reconstruction project. The first house constructed was used as demonstation forthe training given to the masons (in April 2006). This house is in the completion phase now and is projected as a `model home’. This model home is shown to each family while taking into consideration their specific requirements and individual preferences/desires/needs for their own house. Necessary modifications are incorporated into the plan as long as they were within the budget so that every house can be built according to each family’s requirement. 5 other houses have also completed the foundation level.