The construction work at Arunthangavillai as on July 7th, 2006

The construction of the houses in the village of Arunthangavillai is going on well. 15 out of 23 houses planned in different plots in the village are under construction.

 Preeti Goel Sanghi
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In the centre of the village, 11 houses are being built. Two of them are in the completion phase, the outside walls of the kitchen have brick jalis for effective light and ventilation and the slabs in the kitchen are sloping for water to drain effectively. As soon as electricity is connected, the beneficiaries will be able to move in.

The walls are constructed using Rat Trap Bond and in five of the houses it has reached the lintel level and in four others it has reached up to the sill level. Among these, there was one house in which two couples were living with their children. In the new setup they will have independent houses, which will have a communicating door between them.

Here four houses are being built as twin houses since the brothers of two families have decided to share foundations and walls of their houses to save the space on their land. This saving has allowed them to make additional improvements in the house design. In addition to these two other families having two small fields have also agreed to construct twin houses to economise on the space.

In two other quarters of the village the foundations of four other houses are at the digging stage....

Each of these twenty two houses in plan will consist of a kitchen, two rooms and a veranda and all will have traditional toilets since their owners are not open to the idea of dry toilets. Most of the toilets will be inside the houses with an access from outside. Where internal layout does not permit this, the toilets will be outside. As far as possible the owners will share the soak pits.

The owners are always present on the construction site of their houses and are extremely interested in the progress of construction. They readily help out whenever required.